We’re appreciating you to choose NoblesseToken service.

At this moment, before using NoblesseToken, we hereby to remind you to read the NoblesseToken User Agreements and the relevant protocols and suggestions referred in this agreement carefully, including the “exoneration from the liability and limitation of responsibility” stipulated by this agreement and other items. And ensure you can fully understand all the items in this agreement and consider the risks by yourself.

1. About understanding and ensuring the agreement

(1). You understand this agreement and relevant agreements that are adapted to NoblesseToken and all application platforms developed and owned by NoblesseToken.

(2). It will mean that you have been sure to read and accepted all the contents of this agreement if you download NoblesseToken and create a user wallet. This agreement will take effect immediately and be binding on both parties.

(3). This agreement can be updated in time by NoblesseToken according to the users’ experiencing needs. The modified agreement will take effect immediately once it is publicized on NoblesseToken, rather than further noticing. If you are unacceptable to the modified items after NoblesseToken has publicized the modified agreement and items, please stop to use NoblesseToken at once. If you continue to use it, you are regarded to have accepted the modified agreement.

2. Definition

(1). NoblesseToken: refers to the digital assets wallet developed based on Ethereum and the architecture system of bitcoin bottom and other licensed bottom. What NoblesseToken wants to create ultimately is a decentralized platform where users can keep your own assets and only the users who have the private key can control the assets in corresponding accounts or realize the retrieving password function. However, NoblesseToken cannot offer the operations of retrieving password or transaction rollback, so the users must keep your own private key well. What’s more, the users should save your own private key immediately after you land for the first time and never disclose or forward them.

(2). Users:

A. the users must be the citizens with full capacity for civil conduct.

B. if you are juveniles under 19 year’s old and using NoblesseToken service, you need to use it under the guidance of your parents or guardians. Persons with no capacity for civil conduct or the persons whose capacity for civil conduct are limited make transactions exceeding his or her civil right or scope of conduct, NoblesseToken has the right to ask your parents or guardians to be responsible for the results that you have caused.

C. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.

3. NoblesseToken services

(1). Transfer currency and collect currency. You can use NoblesseToken’s function of transfer and collect currency and manage your digital token. Transferring currency is a transfer behavior conducted by the payer using the recipient's block chain address. The actual transfer and collect behavior happens in relevant block chain system.

(2). Query the market prices.

  You can check the token price’s referring numbers on NoblesseToken. The actual price is based on the price at the time of the transaction.

4. Risk Warning and Disclaimer

(1) Use of the Noblesse Token program is an investment activity. The Noblesse Token Development team does not guarantee the investment capital of the program users.

(2). It may cause the old version software cannot be used every time after the updated version has been publicized. To ensure the users’ safety and experiencing feelings, please check and download the latest version at any time.

(3). When understand and get familiar with the service of NoblesseToken, following situation may cause the failure or timeout of transferring transaction

a). There is not enough money to pay for miner’s fee.

b). Block chain is failed to execute contract code.

c). Technical failures such as network and equipment.

d), Reasons like block chain congestion, malfunction cause the transaction is abandoned.

e). Your address or the counterparty address is identified as a special address or an address with high risks!

(4). when NoblesseToken provide you the transfer tool service, it will be regarded the service content is completed after you finish your transfer by using NoblesseToken, so NoblesseToken will not be responsible for any disputes and arguments.

(5). We strongly suggest that not to use the e-backup methods as follows: e-mail, screenshot, short massage, notebook, WeChat, QQ, Telegram, Facebook, skype, WhatsApp, Tandem, etc. We advise you to copy your passwords on paper books, or save them in cipherer directly.

(6). We suggest you to use NoblesseToken in safe network environment and ensure your mobile devices don’t go over the wall. Avoid various unsafe factors as much as possible.

(7). During the using process, please maintain vigilance about being misguided by non-official information. If you find that happens, please leave a message to inform us at once.

(8). NBL exchange, extinguishing regulations.

a). Can not NBL exchange when all "AI Arbitrage" off.

b). After 5 days in all "Ai arbitrage" off state, NBL is wiped out.

c). NBL cannot be recovered and the company is not responsible for it.

(9). Under you understanding and in the range of the law allowing, we won’t be responsible if NoblesseToken cannot offer service normally because of following reasons:

a). The NoblesseToken system is closed down for maintainance and upgrading.

b). Reasons of force majeure such as earthquake or terrorist attacking.

c). Your devices, hardware, software, electricity-supplying circuit have faults.

d). Your wrong operation or write wrong transfer address.

e). Your phone is attacked by virus, Trojan horse or malicious programs, or the network node of block chain is congesting or unstable.

f). The users lose mobile devices, delete and not backup the NoblesseToken private key and this causes the loss of digital token.

g). The users disclose the wallet passwords or private key, or lend to others to use.

Please all the users learn and observe this User Agreement together, while pay attention to the publication of upgrading and the version of software!

NoblesseToken Team